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mostly california with just a hint of pittsburg - paranoid kitten's recs page

May. 15th, 2005 07:24 pm mostly california with just a hint of pittsburg

Two fantastic The L Word fics that are related - celeria's Wonder Why You Haven't and thisredrock's Think About Direction. Dana/Alice, set during episode 2.05.

In The OC there's Action Figures by miss_begonia. Seth/Ryan. Seth wishes they made Ryans in action figure size. And there's also Seth/Zach (oh, yum, oh yes) from the same author. Aaaand Unwritten by amerella, which is gorgeous Seth-fic. And also Golden Boy by easywaffle69 which is Seth/Ryan but Marissa-centric, which is just perfect.

Queer As Folk (US) - Irresistable by s.a., 'cause it describes three relationships perfectly.

And in Sweet Valley High, there is Bad by kannaophelia. Amy/Enid. You know it makes sense.

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